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Interview image for David Bisset
David Bisset

Dimension Media, Inc.

A JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress developer for over a decade. David currently specializes in consulting, development of some popular plugins, and education projects. He enjoys organizing various local meetups and mid-size conferences and has been known to speak at conferences on various technical and soft-skill topics.

Interview image for Jan Krutisch
Jan Krutisch


Jan is a co-founder of Depfu, your friendly dependency update robot factory. He’s a web developer at day and a digital artist at night, but too old to actually stay up at night.

Interview image for Chris DeMars
Chris DeMars

Tuft & Needle

Chris DeMars is a front-end developer from Detroit, Michigan working remotely for Tuft & Needle. For his community contributions, he holds awards as a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. He is also an international speaker and organizer for Vuetroit and co-organizer for the Ann Arbor Accessibility Group.

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