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Interview image for Clare Sudbery
Clare Sudbery


Clare Sudbery is a lead consultant developer with ThoughtWorks. Eight years ago she returned to IT with a sigh of relief after failing to persuade teenagers that maths is fun. Since then she has embraced all things XP and is on a mission to awaken the inner geek in clever women (and men) everywhere.

Interview image for Ram N
Ram N


He works for Facebook on React Native. He loves working with developer tools and frameworks. Before Facebook, he was at Microsoft, working on CodePush, VSCode editor for React Native and Cordova, and App Center.

Interview image for Rebecca Hill
Rebecca Hill


Rebecca is a software engineer, team lead, manager and speaker. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand. She is currently herding cats (aka developers) and wrangling JavaScript at WeTransfer in Amsterdam.

Interview image for Conor Hastings
Conor Hastings


Conor is a Senior Software Engineer working on Studio Apps at Netflix. When he’s not at work he likes to see what parts of the internet he can break and get away from his computer by spending an inordinate amount of time decorating a dollhouse which for some reason still has a Macbook.

Interview image for Mathieu Dutour
Mathieu Dutour


Mathieu is a French Software Engineer at Sketch (digital design tool) traveling the world. A Fervent champion of open source, he aims to bridge the gap between design and engineering through tooling.

Interview image for Jesse Jorgenson
Jesse Jorgenson


Jesse Jorgenson is an engineer at Evernote that focuses on front-end engineering, rich text editing, front-end dev-ops, and Node.js. He has a degree in mathematics from James Madison University and a background in music. He lives in Austin, TX and primarily lives off of breakfast tacos.

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